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Montgomery International School is accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and offers a comprehensive educational program from elementary through secondary levels.

One school, two programmes

We offer an anglophone and an advanced bilingual programme.

  • English programme
    All classes are taught in English. French is taught as a second language (5 hours per week)
  • Advanced bilingual Programme
    French and English immersion courses. 

Students can select the bilingual programme even if they are not perfectly fluent in French, thus developing valuable academic competency in both French and English.

To learn more about our two programmes, visit our Bilingual vs English page.

An urban school close to European institutions

As the Belgian and European capital, Brussels is a vibrant cultural city and a multilingual centre of economic and international policy, home to the European Union. Brussels is also the headquarters of the Permanent Council of NATO, as well as home to several universities.

We appreciate our capital for its openness to the world, its cosmopolitan character as well as for its cultural and artistic wealth in the fields of theater, music, dance, literature, visual arts and fashion.

Our student body reflects this multiculturalism and Montgomery International School takes full advantage of our location with trips to EU institutions, Parliament, university libraries and other cultural and artistic venues throughout the year.

Middle school girls running

Our Community

At Montgomery International School, most of our students come from abroad, speak two or three languages and add much to the character of the school. We also attract Belgian families and long term expats who are looking for international openness and quality teaching and learning.