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Founder of school David Gerone


Montgomery International School, originally founded in 2007 by David Gerone, stemmed from his vision that no child should be left behind. 

Driven by a commitment to a more modern and student-centric approach, the school offered an alternative education system for children who didn't fit the conventional mold but aimed to attain the Belgian high school diploma. In 2013, David Gerone's wife, Francesca Vona, joined him to manage the administrative side of the school. Recognising the benefits of a bilingual education, they decided to adopt the International Baccalaureate programme in 2015. This shift was a natural fit, aligning with their core belief in the potential of every child and offering them every opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals.

In the span of eight years, Montgomery International School was accredited by the three IB programmes (PYP, MYP and DP). The school flourished, consistently achieving a 100% success rate in the IB Diploma. In 2022, it obtained the best IBDP score in Brussels, surpassing the global average by 5 points. David Gerone held himself personally accountable for every child's success, leading to close monitoring and comprehensive support for each student. This commitment to individualised attention and adaptable teaching approaches plays a crucial role in the school's success.

By 2023, Montgomery International School had grown to almost 200 students and officially joined the French educational group ERMITAGE. David Gerone stepped down from his role, which focused on strategic decisions for growth and financial management.

While this change opens up new opportunities for the school, it remains perfectly aligned with David Gerone's legacy: to offer students the very best in a caring environment where everyone finds their place.

The Ermitage Educational Group

In September 2023, Montgomery International School officially joined the Ermitage Educational Group, based in France.  This change is a major step forward in working towards Montgomery International School's mission. It  will open opportunities and access to expertise for the students, teachers and administration.

The group is made up of two other schools in addition to Montgomery International School:

The Ermitage Educational Group currently enrolls nearly 2,000 students and its mission is to promote academic excellence while continuing to expand and integrate new schools in Europe. 

This new adventure contributes greatly to the enrichment Montgomery International School's community, offering numerous opportunities for its students.  New initiatives are in the works -  such as inter-school exchanges, sports summer camps in France, and so on. Moreover, teachers and the leadership staff now benefit from collaboration with their counterparts in France, contributing to the enrichment of education and processes.