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MYP 1-5 - Grades 6-10


The Middle Years Programme is a five-year programme for students aged 11 to 16. It builds on the values, learning patterns and skills developed in Primary. Students are encouraged to engage in their learning and to take an active part in their educational journey.

Subject MYP1 MYP2 MYP3 MYP4 MYP5
Language & Literature
English and/or French
4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk
Language Acquisition
English and/or French
4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk
Individuals and Societies** 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 3 hrs/wk 3 hrs/wk
Sciences*** 3 hrs/wk 3 hrs/wk 3 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk
Mathematics 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk 4 hrs/wk
Arts (Theatre) 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk
PE 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk
Design 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk 2 hrs/wk N/A N/A
IT 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk
Personal Project N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 hr/wk
Advisory 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk 1 hr/wk

* New students might have to take a placement test in French and/or English in order to best decide whether to be placed in Language Literature or Language Acquisition.

**Up until MYP3 students can take History and Civics in French or English. After MYP3, students have to either select History in French or Business Management and Economics in English.

*** Up until MYP3 students follow an integrated science course (Physics/Chemistry and Biology). After MYP3, students will have to take Chemistry, and choose between Physics and Biology as a second science.

MYP by subject


MYP Personal Project

The MYP Personal Project is the culmination of the MYP programme. It is an opportunity to investigate and learn more about anything that sparkles the students’ interest, any new skill they want to develop or topic they want to explore. It allows students to incorporate and develop all traits of the IB Learner Profile, making it an exciting and rewarding journey and preparing students for their future as Diploma Programme (DP) learners.

The Personal Project is an IB requirement. We will celebrate the students’ achievements at the end of the school year at the Personal Project exhibition.

Past Personal Projects:

  • Designing and sewing a leotard for gymnastics
  • Designing and sewing a flamenco dress
  • Creating a Polish cookbook
  • Building the model of an eco-house
  • Creating a discord bot
  • Creating a manga about a personal experience
  • Designing and building a solar system in scale
  • Cooking and sharing Burundian recipes
  • Filming and editing a video about life in North Korea
  • Creating a photography exhibit to show the personality of the subject
  • Designing and building a robotic hand

MYP Advisory

In addition to academic subjects, we offer Advisory classes. During those sessions, students develop other skills as well as reflect and grow through personal development activities. These skills will be useful in the classrooms but also in their current and future personal life. 

Skills developed will include: resilience, listening, self-management, etc. The advisory teacher will facilitate sessions on key and age relevant matters such as drug prevention, bullying, etc. These classes help students grow and experience their teenage years with tools that will be useful throughout their life.


What I like the most about Montgomery International School is that it is a small community that makes for a safe and friendly learning environment. Even if you are not close with everyone, you see them on a daily basis, and everyone helps each other out. This is unique since most international schools are normally huge and have several hundreds of students.

MYP student

MYP model

What is the IB MYP curriculum?

For more information about the MYP curriculum framework, please visit the IB Middle Years Programme in the IBO webpages


Advanced bilingual vs English in MYP


All classes are taught in English except for French (Language Acquisition or Language and Literature)


In addition to French Language and Literature, students will have to take one subject taught in French. 

  • MYP1-MYP3
    History and Civics in French 
  • MYP4-MYP5
    History in French 
  • Physical Education in French
  • All other classes in English

Service As Action

In order to give students the opportunity to engage in real-life situations, two full days are  dedicated to service activities.

The first session takes place at school with workshops and activities organised by professionals and experts of a particular field of global importance. The second one happens outside of school - it has a  more practical focus in order to give students a real opportunity for action.

Following those sessions, students will be encouraged to reflect on their actions in order to optimise these experiences.

MYP school trip

Every year our MYP students go for a school trip abroad. Learning beyond the classroom is an important part of our pedagogy. 

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