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At Montgomery International School we believe a school community is an essential part of the educational experience.

The relationships between students, teachers and parents are key to ensuring a safe, encouraging learning environment. By fostering a strong community, we encourage students to be more engaged in their studies and to feel supported by those around them. Through a dynamic Parents' Association and activities such as field trips, cross-age tutoring, student-teacher meetings, and family oriented events, students develop a sense of belonging to our school. This sense of community encourages collaboration, responsibility, and respect among students, teachers and parents, which ultimately leads to academic success.  

Montgomery International School Parents' Association

EIM's Parents' Association provides support by building relationships between the school, the faculty and the parents. The association works to foster a sense of community and to encourage communication between all stakeholders. By working together, the parent association helps to create a supportive and positive environment for all students.

Primary girl running during a race
PYP student running

Hear it from our parents...