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Community service  is a core value at Montgomery International School. We implement service activities within our school as well as with external programmes.

In school activities:

  • Cross grade tutoring
  • Planning and Implementing Special Student Life Activities, Such as Spirit Days
  • Student ambassadors during admissions visits
  • Volunteering at the school's events, such as the International Food Festival 

Service as action days

In order to give students the opportunity to engage in real-life situations, the school organises two full days dedicated to service activities. Those days take place either at school or outside of school. They are usually led  by professionals and experts of a particular field of global importance (E.g. Human Rights, Climate Change, Totalitarianism, Autism, etc.), or conducted at a social organisation (e.g. refugee center, homeless shelter, elderly home etc.)

Following those sessions, students are encouraged to reflect on their actions and their learning to maximise the takeaways for these experiences.

DP Service requirement

As part of the CAS Diploma Programme, students have to get involved in a service activity of their choice with the support of the school.

This unique experience allows students to connect with issues of local and global importance and is an integral part of their personal development. In the past, students have volunteered in a Hypo-Therapy center, oncology hospital section, kindergarten, etc.

Vent d'Est & Arc-en-ciel

Every year we organise a clothing collection for the children of the village Horodiste-Rezina in Moldova. EIM collaborates with the NGO "Vent d'Est" (, and sends donations  to support this village.

We also took DP students to the village for one week on several occasions. Students stayed with Moldovan families in order to immerse themselves totally in the culture. The weeks spent there were very intense: working in gardens and fields, organising activities in schools and distributing school resources and distributing gifts and clothing to the local population.

Several fundraising activities are also organised throughout the year to support delivery of the donated resources.

In 2021, we started a new project of fundraising and clothing, food and toy collection for children in need in our local community.