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boy reading a book in library
girl picking a book in primary library


From an early age, the school library plays a central role in the students' IB education.

Montgomery International School  has two connected libraries, one for the primary section and the other for the secondary section with both French and English language resources. Many activities are scheduled to ensure that the library is a regular point of passage, whether to borrow books, to find resources, or to complete independent or group work.

The librarian sets up weekly extracurricular meetings for PYP students in addition to regular classroom visits as part of the school curriculum. For MYP and DP students, a book club and various competitions are organised. The librarian also works closely with students to ensure that both libraries are part of the school life and that they are well equipped to meet the their needs.

Students can consult the list of books and their availability remotely via the online library catalog. Moreover, MYP and DP students have access to various online platforms to do heir research - giving them quick access to verified information on topics studied in class.

Students and teachers of the Diploma Programme (grades 11 and 12), have access to the ULB  library (Université Libre de Bruxelles) for more academic research. The ULB library is an excellent complement to the EIM library and resources, and it allows students to gradually become familiar with and comfortable in a university setting.


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