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At Montgomery International School, we value learning through real-life experiences. Frequent field trips as well as the yearly MYP school trip are key parts of this. 

In addition to frequent field trips within the city, Montgomery International School organises distinct overnight trips according to the grade level. We believe school trips allow our students to engage in hands-on activities and develop life skills emblematic of the IB programme, such as team work, communication, problem solving and cultural awareness. Additionally, they create life long memories and foster relationships between students and teachers. 

PYP  3-5- 3 days/ 2 nights
The primary school trip allows our students to explore the world of science and history, while at the same time sharpening their independence and creating connections with both their peers and their teachers. 

MYP -  5 days/4 nights
In recent years we have taken the students to New York, Portugal, Sicily, Poland, Florence, Paris, Geneva,  Rome, and Valencia. In spring 2024, our secondary students explored Scandinavia, visiting Copenhagen in Denmark and the region of Skåne in Sweden. From mountain biking to rock climbing, this trip offered our students a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their bonds and see their teachers in a new light!

In the fall, we take our DP students to a destination where they can attend a University Fair, enjoy cultural activities, and spend quality time with their cohorts and teachers. Past trips have included visits to Barcelona and Paris, and are often referred to by our students as one of their favourite school experiences.


One of the best times I had at Montgomery International School was during the school trip to Rome. It allowed me to learn new things about my friends and to connect with other students. "

MYP student