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Student in costume performing The Lion King


At Montgomery International School we value a balanced education, including an opportunity for students to develop their artistic talents but also to develop all the key skills that come along with a Theatre/Media course.

The theatre/media class is an important part of EIM’s curriculum. From the start of their education, students are exposed to 2 hours of theatre per week. We strongly believe in the benefits of theatre. Beyond developing the creativity of the students, it  builds their confidence, improves their communication skills, and teaches them how to work as a team.

All our PYP and MYP students participate in end of the year performances in a Brussels theatre. These are wonderful events that brings our community together and allows our students to showcase their hard work and shine in front of their parents

Students create decors and costumes, reinterpret original plays or develop an original script. In this way, the theatre class encompasses a variety of skills that will prove valuable throughout their lives. In the past years, various themes and plays have been performed such as “A Christmas Carol”, “Oliver Twist”, “The Lion King”,  as well as plays written by our students. 


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